Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good Links

Hello there!

Remember I had mentioned that I was collating information about various links that you could use from this blog? Well, I am going to fill this information here. There are various tutorials by wonderful crocheters and I have numbered them as below. Click the link and happy browsing!

Magic Circle Tutorial
Tutorial 1 -

Heart Full of Love!
Teeny Tiny Hearts -

Tutorial 1 -
Tutorial 2 -
African Flower Hexagon -

Tutorial 1 -
Granny Star -

Owl -

All Things Granny
Clusters to Classic Square -
Granny Square Purse -
Granny Squares -
Classic Granny Square -
Granny Mandala Tutorial -
Granny Bunting Tutorial -
Granny Star -

Panda's Patterns

African Flower -
African Flower -
African Flower -
African Flower Hexagon -
Pointy Petal Flower -
Japanese Flower -
Various Japanese Flowers -
Japanese Flower -
Tahiti Blossom Flower -
Teeny Tiny Flowers -
7-petal Flower -

Its Snowing Snowflakes!
Snowflake Hotpad -
Snowflakes -

Me xxx

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soul Santhe

Yes, that's a local flea market.

Hello everyone!

Soul Santhe is a local flea market that is set up twice or thrice a year and showcases a lot of handicrafts and hand-made goods.

After much prodding from my friends and acquaintances, I have finally decided to set up a stall this year at Soul Santhe. The upcoming Soul Santhe will be held in October this year, giving me a lee-way of about 2 odd months to prepare a list and have some collectibles for the stall.

In between, mom has been talking to her tenants about my work and they've been wanting the friendship bands, scrunchies and earrings that I've been making. I wonder how I am going to finish all that.

Whole of yesterday, I sat and tried to figure out a star pattern. I am just unable to reproduce it as beautifully as I had made it so many months ago. Quite disheartening. I am going to try and work on on that pattern until I get it right. Phew!

Till then, I will be woking on various other smaller projects to start the cycle of collecting. Here's the first one: Cream and Brown doily - its called Peanut and Butter.

 That's the second one: Little rosettes - either to become a brooch or a kiddies clip!

I will be putting up more pictures on this post as I progress!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crafty newsletter

Hi There,

With summer in all its brightness and warmth, has pushed my creativity levels one notch up. Of course, a friend encouraged me to do it... but here's the result - A Craft Newsletter. I've christened it as Craft Estydio. 

The aim of the newsletter will be to put up do-it-yourself craft ideas twice a month. This will keep children entertained by themselves. Parents will have something to bond over on weekends or days off from work.

At the moment, this will be a free download from this post. Once the crowd increases,  I am planning to send it out as a mailer with the newsletter attached to your inbox directly.

Looking forward to more communication!

Me xxx

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I'd like to dedicate a page on embroidery and talk to you about my second love. When I am tired of holding a hook, I just switch to another art form - embroidery. The Internet world has no dearth of designs and pictures, methods and instructions on different kinds of embroidery stitches. Some I had learned as a child and some I learned from the World Wide Web. My curiosity never decreases. My excitement is just the same now as it would have been when I was in my teens. 

Here are some pictures of my favourite creations:

Dark Waters
These were all from the Anchor Stitch Kit ranges. Then I had a sudden brainwave! What if I could buy the matty cloth, trace or draw a picture on it and stitch it in the same way as the above kits?! Would it show up the difference? Would it be any different? Here are a couple of pictures of my own:
Cherries in the garden
I am planning to put up a couple of instructions/step-by-step procedures of the various easy embroidery stitches... Hopefully, they will materialize here soon!

Till then, keep smiling!

Me xxx

Book reviews

Me thinks it will be a great idea to write my review on the crochet or art and craft books that I have bought and will buy.

The first book I'd like to review is: 200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments & Trims by Claire Crompton

What an attractive cover page! When I find a book up for sale on the Internet, I browse for the title on Some of their books have a closer view of the pages and I am able to actually see their contents page to figure out if I get what I want and does it look as attractive as I imagine it to be.

This book, like most others, starts off about yarns, colours, textures and weight of the different kinds of yarn available in the market. Then starts off the patterns with the basic stitches and the more complicated stitches. The pictures of colour combinations are to die for and I wonder why I hadnt thought of those colours before! This book also teaches you how to crochet motifs and join them too.

If you are a crochet freak and never get enough of your fascinating hobby, then this is one book definitely for the book shelf. Happy reading and crocheting!

Me xxx

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crochet Applique

I won a gift voucher for participating in a contest on the local radio station. With the amount, I could shop at one of the best upholstery stores in the city. And I bought some beautiful cushion covers - some in silk and some in semi-silk. 

I was fiddling around with my newly acquired yarn and came up with my all time shell doily! I had made the shell stitch coaster before and this was a slightly bigger version. Its tough to keep up to the shape and keep it increasing row after row. I finally stopped when it reached the edges of the cushion cover. Have a look:

My favourite pink and red crochet appliqué work! I'm yet to figure out if I'd like to stitch it up completely or use push buttons so that I could remove it if i needed to wash the cushion cover... Ahem... a little thought needs to go for this... will write an update soon... 

Me xxx

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Show off!

Ah well, I am supposed to be sitting and studying and doing my work diligently, without getting distracted! But, in vain! The minute I settle down in my study-cum-ironing room-cum-crafty space, my mind wanders around thinking of a million possibilities! 

And then I want to crochet and weave or just pull all my stash and admire! Its a mad, mad feeling! Worse than obsession. On that note, I pulled up some pictures to show off! Here they are:

That's a picture of one of the coasters I made for a friend. She wanted a dozen coasters in bright colours and I love this yellow! I didnt follow any pattern and just kept following my heart. So, I will try and write up a pattern for this soon...

Here's another favourite:

And here's a bunch:

Ah! I need to get down to business now! So many temptations lurking around me and calling out for my attention! But, that's for another time! 

Me xxxx