Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Various Links

Hello there, 

Doing great, I hope. I've learned to crochet as a child. My grandmother would hunt all the scrap yarn lying in the attic and dump them on my lap. "Create something", she would say. That's how I discovered crochet. My little house soon had crochet table covers of various shapes! I'd get stuck in a corner or at a point and my grandmother would rush to my aid. "Here, here" she would correct me over and over again! The summer vacations flew by and the yarn would all go back into the attic, only to come out during the next vacation!

Years passed by and I moved on to building a career. Crochet forgotten... not forgotten, really. But, pushed right to the end of my priority list. One fine day, in the recent past, I just thought I'd search up some crochet lessons on in the internet. I was pleasantly shocked! A whole new world opened up with so many blogs to fall back on. Never ending videos to master the art. Picture tutorials to hand hold you in a crochet project. I was hooked! I started building my knowledge base - blogs I could go back to at any time. Tutorials I could follow to the T. The craze just increased. 

Today, I sit back and think there must be another "me" somewhere, sitting and thinking where to start. You could start here. I aim to list down some lovely blogs and crochet links on this post for you to refer and move on....

I am collating information at the moment. You can always come back here for more.



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