Friday, June 17, 2011

My crochet snowflake baby afghan

Hello there,

I finally went and bought enough wool to wrap a little hero in its warmth! I sighted the snowflake crochet afghan one evening and fell in love with it instantly. I made the snowflake doily knowing it was way too tedious to complete the afghan. And as usual, I ran out of my favorite colored wool combination. Ash gray and white. Here's my baby!

Since then, I've wanted to crochet the snowflake afghan and kept dreaming about it. I've started on the project and promised my friend, I'd send it to her by winter! :) So you can imagine how lazy I've been! :) Nah, not lazy really... I've been busy too! 

Cant upload a sneak peek at the moment, but I thought I should write in a post to encourage myself to put it up here soon! :) Come on, Moush! You can do it :)

31st July, 2011 - Update to the crochet snowflake afghan/rug I was making:

How does it look? Herez the finished rug:


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