Sunday, February 12, 2012

Show off!

Ah well, I am supposed to be sitting and studying and doing my work diligently, without getting distracted! But, in vain! The minute I settle down in my study-cum-ironing room-cum-crafty space, my mind wanders around thinking of a million possibilities! 

And then I want to crochet and weave or just pull all my stash and admire! Its a mad, mad feeling! Worse than obsession. On that note, I pulled up some pictures to show off! Here they are:

That's a picture of one of the coasters I made for a friend. She wanted a dozen coasters in bright colours and I love this yellow! I didnt follow any pattern and just kept following my heart. So, I will try and write up a pattern for this soon...

Here's another favourite:

And here's a bunch:

Ah! I need to get down to business now! So many temptations lurking around me and calling out for my attention! But, that's for another time! 

Me xxxx

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