Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soul Santhe

Yes, that's a local flea market.

Hello everyone!

Soul Santhe is a local flea market that is set up twice or thrice a year and showcases a lot of handicrafts and hand-made goods.

After much prodding from my friends and acquaintances, I have finally decided to set up a stall this year at Soul Santhe. The upcoming Soul Santhe will be held in October this year, giving me a lee-way of about 2 odd months to prepare a list and have some collectibles for the stall.

In between, mom has been talking to her tenants about my work and they've been wanting the friendship bands, scrunchies and earrings that I've been making. I wonder how I am going to finish all that.

Whole of yesterday, I sat and tried to figure out a star pattern. I am just unable to reproduce it as beautifully as I had made it so many months ago. Quite disheartening. I am going to try and work on on that pattern until I get it right. Phew!

Till then, I will be woking on various other smaller projects to start the cycle of collecting. Here's the first one: Cream and Brown doily - its called Peanut and Butter.

 That's the second one: Little rosettes - either to become a brooch or a kiddies clip!

I will be putting up more pictures on this post as I progress!


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